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Round 1 Pick 1
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select

Winston is the best on field QB in this class and a natural fit for the Buccaneers.  Big, strong athlete with good arm and extremely high football IQ.  Has excellent ball placement ability and one of the best at reading a defense pre and post snap.  Fundamentals are often sloppy, taking wasted steps with a longer release.  Can force passes while under pressure and often trusts his arm too much, leading to interceptions.  Has maturity concerns off the field but is a polished product on the field and should be a franchise QB


Jameis Winston, QB - Florida State
Round 1 Pick 2
The Tennessee Titans Select

Doubtful the Titans take Mariota here (though if they did, I would applaud the pick).  They should take under value to move down and it could lead to a team like the Browns nabbing him at 2.  Consummate professional on and off the field.  Natural leader with big time athletic ability who can be a threat to take off and run.  Provides good zip on short and intermediate passes and is pretty accurate in placing the ball where his receivers can stay in stride on underneath routes.  Struggles with ball placement outside the hash marks and most plays very scripted in how he reads the defense.  Fumbles on hits.  Has work to do mentally, but has the intangible and physical makeup to be a franchise QB.


Marcus Mariota, QB - Oregon
Round 1 Pick 3
The Jacksonville Jaguars Select

Don't buy the Jaguars loving Cooper.  They threw people off the scent last year and took Bortles.  I believe they go for a natural LEO in Dante Fowler.  Compact, explosive, and strong.  Has a variety of pass rush moves and uses his arms well.  Quick twitch.  Has good range against the run and can set the edge.  Limited upside.  Sometimes tries to do too much and is neutralized.  Often takes too long to go full force at OTs.  Tackling technique is iffy.  May be maxed out.  A good pass rusher with mix of strength and athleticism who should be a solid starter but may never be a star.

Dante Fowler, LB - Florida
Round 1 Pick 4
The Oakland Raiders Select

The Raiders need that WR desperately and could pass on Leonard Williams to give help to Carr.  Amari Cooper is under 21 and a natural stud.  Smooth athlete with both quickness and deep speed.  Good route runner with footwork and cutting ability to gain separation.  Has run a full route tree.  Displays the ability to beat CBs deep or short.  Good leaping ability and fights for contested passes.  Very young with room to grow.  Will use body often to secure catches which can lead to easy drops.  Not a dominating physical presence.  Can struggle with press coverage.  Has potential to grow into an elite WR.


Amari Cooper, WR - Alabama
Round 1 Pick 5
The Washington Redskins Select

Leonard Williams is the only elite prospect in this draft and despite the Redskins depth, he would be too good to pass up.  Only elite player in the draft.   Tremendous upper and lower body strength with the first step and athletic ability to give offensive lines fits.  Gets up to speed so quick and has solid pass rush moves.  Run and Pass stuffer.  Sometimes can play too high and get caught off balance.  Still needs to improve his football IQ, but if he does, could be a top NFL player.


Leonard Williams, DE - USC
Round 1 Pick 6
The New York Jets Select

The Jets seem to love Dupree and his size is a perfect fit for their defense.  Add him in with their defensive line and seconary and it would be a terror.Mammoth with great athleticism for his size.  Explosive and fast with great upper and lower body strength.  Very good at setting the edge against the run.  Tenacious during the play.  A bit squatty and doesn’t have a variety of pass rush moves.  Still a raw player but his size and athletic upside could make him a stud in the NFL.        


Alvin Dupree, LB - Kentucky
Round 1 Pick 7
The Chicago Bears Select

White is a potential elite WR to immediately replace Brandon Marshall.  Excellent football IQ.  Anticipates QB passes and WR cuts to stay in coverage.  Good backpedal footwork and stays low.  Can make the big play.  Very short and small.  Not very fast for his size.  Is stiff when turning and running.  Doesn’t do well against speed.  Great college production and tape but may lack NFL measureables to be effective.        


Kevin White, WR - West Virginia
Round 1 Pick 8
The Atlanta Falcons Select

With Ray's issues, Beasley is a natural fit for the Falcons.  They need that smaller presence to rush the passer.  Excellent first step and great anticipation of snap count.  Extremely fluid and quick.  Nightmare to try and mirror.  Best spin move in the country.  Has pass coverage experience and will run down RBs.  Has dominant games against NFL competition.  Not strong at the point of attack.  Can be neutralized if OTs get hands on him.  Small and thin.  Starter with stud potential.


Vic Beasley, LB - Clemson
Round 1 Pick 9
The New York Giants Select

The Giants could go the likely route and take Brandon Scherff but may ultimately want to push Pugh to OG and draft an OT instead.  Peat also gives a future potential LT for them.  Big anchor and limbs.  Has functional strength and great kick slide.  Technique can slip and times and can be pushed around.  Inconsistent but big blindside protector upside.


Andrus Peat, OT - Stanford
Round 1 Pick 10
The St Louis Rams Select

The Rams have a lot of solid WRs but no one special and Devante Parker could be special.  Very productive when on the field.  Good size and speed combination.  Has wheels to beat CBs deep but better in short to intermediate area.  Reliable hands catcher.  Large catch radius.  Makes the tough catches.  Gets off the line quickly.  Sloppy route runner.  Gets contained by physical press CBs.  Dealt with broken foot this year and had surgery on it.  Very good player who could be a #1 NFL WR in the pros. 


DeVante Parker, WR - Louisville
Round 1 Pick 11
The Minnesota Vikings Select

The Vikings defense exponentially improved last year but they are still thin outside of Xavier Rhodes at CB.  Waynes fits the defense and has top CB potential.  Good press CB with the speed to turn and run with starting NFL CBs.  Rarely had safety help and still was extremely effective. Gets to top speed quickly with good closing speed.  Makes WRs work for it.  Grabs opposing WRs too much and could be called for penalties in the NFL.  Doesn’t make the big interception.  If he misreads a route, has trouble making the transition.  Future starting NFL CB.


Trae Waynes, CB - Michigan State
Round 1 Pick 12
The Cleveland Browns Select

Collins is a big bodied RT who could replace Mitchell Schwartz.  He is being questioned by police (but not a suspect,) in the murder of his ex girlfriend, so it could drop him.  Mammoth with functional strength and the feet to play offensive tackle.  Could be elite at OG.  Not consistent enough to be a top 5 pick, but has the skills to be a dominant offensive line player. 


Lael Collins, OT - LSU
Round 1 Pick 13
The New Orleans Saints Select

Seems high for Dorsett, but if the Saints really want him, they may need to grab him.  He would give a deep threat and allow Brandin Cooks to be more possession based.  Speed threat who will take the top off of a defense.  Great initial burst off the line and tough to catch if he hits top speed.  Has experience outside and in the slot.  Feisty and will come back and attack the ball if pass is off the mark.  Does not have much route tree experience and often will bring the ball into his body.  May be one dimensional.  Has had knee issues in past.  Big play threat who may be a role player (albeit a dangerous one,) in the NFL.    



Phillip Dorsett, WR - Miami (FL)
Round 1 Pick 14
The Miami Dolphins Select

Gurley is a monster if he can stay healthy.  He may go much higher than this, but the Dolphins would be all over him if they could and really have a dynamic offense.  Phenomenal RB who has had two leg injuries over the past two years.  Big, fast, and explosive with excellent balance and solid vision.  Uses both power and quickness to evade tacklers.  Solid pass catcher and pass blocker.  Can hesitate too much when holes are not apparent and pass up yardage.  Dynamic future top RB in the NFL if healthy.





Todd Gurley, RB - Georgia
Round 1 Pick 15
The San Francisco 49ers Select

San Francisco has a propensity for taking chances on players and Marcus Peters, who was kicked off of his college team, fits that bill at an area of need.  Excellent size and speed combination.  Drops his hips low and gets physical at the same time.  Fights for contested passes.  Footwork is not crisp and will have wasted movement.  Seems to wear down as the game goes on.  Very talented and potential starterm but has had major run-ins with coaching staff that led to dismissal from the team. (including a report that he choked an assistant coach). 


Marcus Peters, CB - Washington
Round 1 Pick 16
The Houston Texans Select

Gregory is the best pass rusher in the draft and his marijuana addiction and mental health issues could make teams pass.  His talent is too good however and a team like Houston that needs that stand up LB could get a steal.  Long and powerful.  Can beat offensive linemen with athletic ability, pass rush moves, or strength.  Has experience with hand down and rushing from LB spots.  Natural bender who dips well with good leverage.  Thin body who can play a little wild.  Can get stonewalled by stronger offensive linemen.  Can struggle setting the edge.  Drug and character concerns.  The best natural pass rusher in the draft but off field issues will push him down the board. 


Randy Gregory, LB - Nebraska
Round 1 Pick 17
The San Diego Chargers Select

Scherff is a top ten talent, but he may fall out of the top half of the first round if teams don't view him as an OT.  The Chargers need a RB, but may opt for one later instead.  Better Guard than OT.  Great functional strength and technique allows him to be a dominant run blocker and solid pass blocker inside.  Should be an instant starter with Pro Bowl potential.


Brandon Scherff, OG - Iowa
Round 1 Pick 18
The Kansas City Chiefs Select

The Chiefs likely need offensive line over WR, but a deep threat to pair with Maclin (like Andy Reid did with DeSean Jackson,) could be a priority.  Perriman is raw, but he has a great skill set.  World class size/speed combination.  Gets off the line quickly and to top speed fast.  Often catches CBs flat footed and beats them deep.  Good footwork when cutting inside and can gain separation easily.  Long wingspan and very good body control.  Struggles with more intricate routes, especially against bigger defenders.  If jammed at the line, he can lose focus.  Doesn’t always high point the football or fight for contested balls.  Hands are inconsistent and uses his body to catch often.  Lacks fundamentals.  Upside to be an elite WR but also has the downside to not see the field. 


Breshad Perriman, WR - UCF
Round 1 Pick 19
The Cleveland Browns Select

Shelton is an excellent two gap player with great athletic ability.  The Browns run defense suffered and Shelton would be an instant band aid.  Mammoth run stuffer that will fill two gaps.  Has great athletic ability to penetrate and get to the QB despite his size.  Has explosion off of the line of scrimmage.  Excellent tenacity when his motor is running hot.  Doesn’t have the strength you want from a player of his size and be more of a gap filler and run stuffer than dynamic pass rusher in the NFL.  


Danny Shelton, DT - Washington
Round 1 Pick 20
The Philadelphia Eagles Select

The Eagles could go with a more off the wall pick like Agholor who profiles as the best slot WR in this draft.  With Maclin moving on, they get a great compliment to Jordan Matthews.  Quick twitch athlete who gets to maximum speed very quickly.  Excels underneath at turning short passes into big plays.  Ideal slot WR who has experience outside.  Makes sharp cuts and is a fairly reliable hands catcher.  Thin and can get knocked around.  Doesn’t break many tackles.  Timed speed is better than on field speed. Top slot WR in the draft who could have a ton of catches in the right system.


Nelson Agholor, WR - USC
Round 1 Pick 21
The Cincinnati Bengals Select

The Bengals could go either offensive or defensive line, and a player like Mario Edwards is versatile enough that they could fall in love.  Very good athlete with a fluid lower body.  Good anchor and rarely gets pushed off the line of scrimmage.  Good range and contains the edge but doesn’t use his athleticism to shed blocks.  Gets stonewalled often when rushing the passer.  Tons of potential but has never put it all together.


Mario Edwards, DE - Florida State
Round 1 Pick 22
The Pittsburgh Steelers Select

If the Steelers could scoop up Johnson, they would take it.  Johnson has a great skill set and could replace Ike Taylor.  Great technique.  Stays low and explodes through his hips.  Excellent back pedal.  Excelled with poor talent around him.  Transitions from back pedal very well.  Willing to tackle bigger players.  Plays back too much and allows short passes.  Will go for the big hit despite his size over sure tackling.  Instincts are mediocre.  Really natural CB who can improve mentally to be a starter. 


Kevin Johnson, CB - Wake Forest
Round 1 Pick 23
The Detroit Lions Select

If the Lions want to keep the defense running strong, they need to keep the middle afloat.  Malcolm Brown is great for them.  Huge and athletic with good leverage.  Decent run stuffer with the athletic ability to collapse the interior of the pocket on the QB.  Moves fluidly for his size.  Can play a bit soft and gives inconsistent effort.  Starter that offenses have to stop.


Malcom Brown, DT - Texas
Round 1 Pick 24
The Arizona Cardinals Select

Harold is an athlete and could finally fill the void for the Cardinals pass rush.  Great leverage and speed.  Closes very fast and has a high football IQ.  Knows how to dip and beat OTs.  Not very strong and when engaged he really struggles.  Won’t give much in pass coverage.  Looks the part but has stretches where he struggles.  Big upside and downside.   


Eli Harold, LB - Virginia
Round 1 Pick 25
The Carolina Panthers Select

This seems low for Flowers, but the Panthers are a team that scoops up value and that is absolutely this at an area of need.Dominating run blocker but has pass protection issues.  Physically looks the part and could be drafted highly in a power scheme to be developed.


Ereck Flowers, OT - Miami (FL)
Round 1 Pick 26
The Baltimore Ravens Select

Randall has moved up in the first round as an undersized but incredible cover safety.  The Ravens got beat on the back end a lot, and Randall could be a unique solution.  Fights for contested passes.  Can make interceptions and big plays.  Very undersized.  Can sometimes play too far back in coverage and let easy passes through.  Gets caught up in traffic.  Can go for the big hit too often.  Really talented safety who could be a 1st round pick but his size holds him back.        



Damarious Randall, S - Arizona State
Round 1 Pick 27
The Dallas Cowboys Select

If the Cowboys can find a way to get Melvin Gordon, they would be in heaven.  Despite Jerry Jones' comments, Gordon might make them take a first round RB.  Extremely productive.  Gets up to top speed very quickly and is difficult to tackle.  Very good outside runner with decent vision on the inside.  Patient and lets blocks develop before full acceleration.   Not a burner but not a bruiser either.  Lack of pass catching experience.  Willing blocker.  Future NFL starter.


Melvin Gordon, RB - Wisconsin
Round 1 Pick 28
The Denver Broncos Select

Humphries has a ton of talent if he can stay healthy and the Broncos could jump at his upside.  Humphries has dealt with lower leg injuries but he an athletic marvel at his size.  Moves his feet very fluidly and has ideal size and talent for a blindside protector.  Moves enough for a zone scheme, but doesn’t always carry the lower body strength to finish blocks.  Potential starter if he can stay healthy.


DJ Humphries, OT - Florida
Round 1 Pick 29
The Indianapolis Colts Select

 The Colts gobble up value in Landon Collins to play in the box and help their run game. Physical downhill tackler.  Reads and reacts to the run and fills the gap quickly.  Good explosion and change of direction skills in the box.  Good tackling technique in space.  Jars the ball loose against receivers with good technique.  Fights for contested passes.  Not much of an interception threat.  Struggles with hip movement to turn and run with receivers.  May not have the instincts to be a deep safety.  Good safety with decent cover ability and great in the box.        


Landon Collins, S - Alabama
Round 1 Pick 30
The Green Bay Packers Select

The Packers depserately need LB and McKinney would give versatility as a pass rusher on the outside or playing inside.  Versatile athlete who can play inside or outside.  Great speed and size who is powerful at the point of attack.  Could rush off the edge some.  Good closing speed.  Tackling technique is poor and he is very high cut.  Coverage could be an issue.  Productive leader who should start but must be used creatively.


Benadrick McKinney, LB - Mississippi State
Round 1 Pick 31
The New Orleans Saints Select

If the Saints aren't buying into SJB, they could get an upside CB like Byron Jones to develop as a future starter.  World Class athlete.  Reads QBs eyes well and breaks to the ball quickly.  Good tackling technique.  Plays upright and can over extend his footwork to go off balance.   Can close from off coverage to break up passes.  Didn’t press much despite having the size and strength for it.  Injury concern.  Good athlete who will need some developing but could be a press CB or safety.


Byron Jones, CB - UConn
Round 1 Pick 32
The New England Patriots Select

The Patriots know value and Erving is value.  Fills a major hole and has the versatility to keep them at their best.  Can play any position on the line, but showed how good he can be at Center this year.  Good physical tools but often has sloppy footwork.  High football IQ makes him a starter in the NFL.


Cameron Erving, C - Florida State

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